The goal of Baseball 360 Plus is to return the baseball opportunity to ALL American youth. YOU make this possible with your tax-deductible donations.

Our Team is making this happen

  • Provide a budget of $8k, about $200/player, to support coaching and games, for players 13 years of age through high school, at the local High School, and by the high school coaching staff, for 8 weeks in the summer
  • Provide need based scholarships for advanced instruction to players with college professional potential
  • Provide counseling for players dealing with college recruiters and professional scouts
  • Provide seminars for coaches designed to enhance their skills in teaching the fundamentals of the game in a positive manner


JOIN THE TEAM. Be the solution.

Baseball 360 plus, is a non-profit corporation using tax deductible donations to help student-athletes and at risk youth gain the skills, resources, knowledge, and self confidence essential to personal maturity and growth through character education and athletics

Join the team at Baseball 360 Plus today and enjoy:

  • Hassle free monthly donations
  • Automatic donation from your credit card or checking account
  • The knowledge that your donations will be put to work immediately
  • Complete statements of your tax-deductible donation provided for tax purposes
  • Newsletters on our progress
  • The ability to change or suspend your donation at any time


  • This authorization to charge my credit card is just like writing a check to Baseball 360+ or making a charge on my credit card, except that it will be done directly each month.
  • I understand that each transaction will appear on my monthly credit card statement or bank statement.
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The information you provide is ONLY used for the purposes of collecting the donation and is NOT shared with anyone beyond the extent needed to run that transaction.

Let’s Get Kids Off the Street and
Into a Positive Team Experience

  • The demise of publicly supported after school and summer programs have created a vacuum.
  • Access to baseball development is both expensive and exclusionary.
  • Inner city and middle class youngsters are being priced out of the game.
  • College rosters are almost exclusively filled with those who can afford travel ball and private lessons.
  • The presence of American minorities in the major leagues has fallen from almost 20% to less than 5.
  • Baseball 360 Plus fills this void.





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I choose to donate $25 each month and I authorize the recurring charge Home Run
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